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Smart Meters

ISKRAEMECO powers business decisions with an impeccable solution portfolio and a passion for sustainability. Our comprehensive solutions and turnkey
services meet countless market demands, providing energy companies the tools to forge the future of energy generation and management in a digitalized world.
From IoT expertise to digitalizing data flows, Iskraemeco makes it easy to use energy. Smart solutions, smarter services, brilliant business – Iskraemeco.

• 3 knowledge hubs in Slovenia, India and Egypt
• 5 regional manufacturing facilities and service hubs
• 100 million meters installed
• 1,500 employees


• MEW – Kuwait
• Grid Company JSP – Russia

• SMR5 – Netherlands
• HEP – Croatia
• EHC- Oman


ELECTRICITY METERS. A wide array of advanced products can all be connected to smart grids and applications. Whether they are intended for residential or industrial environments, smart or prepayment products, customized or turnkey solutions – our diversified portfolio was built to last.

COMMUNICATION PRODUCTS Great meters in smart, modernized utility grids of the future are just the beginning.
The data they collect must then be communicated, as quickly, accurately, and securely as possible, to a central exchange. Iskraemeco’s tools and accessories turn data into meaningful communication.

SOFTWARE Solutions Data streams are meaningless without powerful tools to manage and analyse them. Our specialized software platform and extensive program suite were built from our decades of experience. Our experts will happily help you maximize your data.

SERVICES Iskraemeco’s rich portfolio of services supports every step of your project. Our expert teams are specialized in design, deployment, maintenance, and key upgrades. With us as your partner, your infrastructure is transformed into the powerful tool that you need in order to focus on what you do best.

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