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Enviguard 65®

Product Range

Instrumentation Cables, Control Cables and Power Cables
up to 19/33 kV

ENVIGUARD 65® cables is the best in class solution for oil & gas and hazardous chemical environments.

The development of “ENVIGUARD 65 ®” product range, shows Doha Cables commitment towards social and sustainable development for the future as well as supporting the global green agenda.

With the compact design of ENVIGUARD 65 ®, this special cable is the best replacement for the lead sheath cable where earth fault conducting is not required.

As an alternative for lead sheath cables, “ENVIGUARD 65 ®” protects the cables insulation from the aggressive salts, moistures, sulphides, hydrocarbons, acids, alkynes & corrosions, and contribute to a cleaner environment by preventing lead exposure and lead emissions into the surroundings.

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