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Corporate Governance

  • We believe that the keystone to our business success is integrity with respect to our relationships with customers, suppliers and governments. The highest order of ethical conduct has been and will always be the very foundation of our enterprise. These standards have been instilled and communicated throughout the company.
  • Our code of conduct provides firm and uncompromising standards for each of us in our dealings with our agents, customers, suppliers, political entities and others.
  • The code re-emphasizes and provides further guidance regarding policies which are an integral part of Doha Cables Qatar’s business philosophy.
  • Each and every employee of Doha Cables-Qatar and its affiliates is responsible for adhering to the code, and it is a condition of continued employment. It will be administered uniformly throughout the company and be independent of the practices of other companies. Adherence to the code will continue to be the subject of management attention.

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