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If you are interested in attending any of the DOHA CABLES ACADEMY activities (Summer Training Programs, Factory Visits, Technical Seminars, and Live Cable Testing, etc.) or if you have any specific areas of interest in the field of electrical engineering, please do not hesitate to email us at

Bridging The Gap Between Business, Academia, and Society is an education investment established with the goal of providing quality learning experiences for students through electrical engineering training programs.

Student development program:
Doha Cables has formed a number of collaborations with local and regional universities as part of a student exchange program in which students attend a 1-2 month training program at our factory.

Customer awareness program:
To promote awareness about the world of cable manufacturing, Doha Cables organizes weekly factory visits for all interested engineers (project owners, consultants, or contractors).

Our Focus

Creating training programs for students to give them hands-on experience that will drive their professional careers forward.

Higher Education
Developing training programs for current and future engineers in the field of electrical engineering.